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One of the seemingly straightforward, but surprisingly tough design challenges I have come across is what to put under your tv if it is not above a fireplace or in a built – in. It used to be very common to have a lower media stand, but now there are so many beautiful alternatives that fit more seamlessly into the rest of your home design. My go to is always a dining room sideboard. I prefer my consoles a little taller and a sideboard is typically 30 – 36″H. Sideboards often have great storage options, whether drawers or doors or a combination of both. My piece from Wisteria (which is sadly no longer available) has such a pretty antique feel to it, which I love for offsetting the more utilitarian TV space. The Samsung Art TV also helps a lot to make this blend better with the rest of our apartment. Sideboards and console cabinets can be quite pricey, but luckily places like Target have recreated popular design styles at a much cheaper price point, so I included some of those as well!

Under $1000


An Antique Piece
(or meant to look like one)



  1. Blair Senesi says:

    Love the idea of using a sideboard, but what about access to cable box, etc.? Do you think a remote work through the cabinet, or is there another solution for stashing all the electronics?

    • Hi Blair! In my experience, most newer cable boxes / remotes have no issue going through the door of a sideboard, especially with cane doors. Since I have an half open sideboard I put storage baskets on the bottom shelf and corral all of my cable boxes and accents under the piece of furniture so you can’t see anything at all and have no issues with remotes working : ) Hope this helps!

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