Monday Inspirations 8.30

Happy Monday! Lately I have been trying to clean up my nighttime routine to sleep better and ultimately feel more energized the following day. I have never had an issue with sleep per se, which I feel grateful for, but when I am busier I tend to forgo a typical work routine and don’t carve out enough time for a nightly wind down which I find essential to feeling better and my overall state of mind. Things that I have found help me wind down at the end of the day are turning off screens (a hard one for me), but no social media for an hour or more before I get into bed. I found that when I was scrolling right before I tried to fall asleep I would feel restless and a bit anxious about the never ending list of what I haven’t done yet. Not super productive for trying to relax my mind. Other simple activities I love – lighting a candle, making a cup of bedtime tea, going through my full skincare routine, reading a book, a simple gratitude meditation (I love the Insight timer app for guided versions of these), a hot bath or simply stretching my body. This might sound so silly, but even putting on actual pajamas helps me transition my mind, opposed to the weekends when I sometimes climb into bed wearing the sweats I wore all afternoon. I think overall being much more intentional even about small things throughout the day have helped ease my anxiety and make me enjoy it all so much more. Simple steps can make the biggest difference! source above

The beauty of early Autumn mist


Wardrobe staple: The Camel Coat, I love the way Sylvie Mus styles hers



Loving This Week

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