10 Things {October}

01. I wear Pj sets all year long (you know by now I have quite the pajama addiction), but when the weather starts to turn I am all about a warmer pair. This cotton flannel set is warm, but not too heavy and has the cutest contrasting piping detail. It feels very high end for around $70, but if you are in the market for a more inexpensive pair, I always love the Target plaid sets.

02. A Place To Call Home is not a new addition to my collection, but will always be one of my favorite books. It is filled with SO much inspiration and I find myself constantly referring to it, especially for ideas on layering a space which I like to do more of this time of year.

03. In addition to glass jar candles, I love a good pillar candle. These are some of my favorites. I love the texture, the color and the heavenly light scent that is described as honeysuckle, but doesn’t smell that sweet to me. I’m not sure if it’s because my parents always light them around the holidays at their house, but it reminds me of cozy warmth even though it is not a traditionally wintery scent.

04. I finally updated my tattered credit card holder and have been loving this simple design by Smythson.

05. Whenever I am feeling really stressed or spending a lot of time in the kitchen, Ella Fitzgerald is my go to. I instantly feel happier and love going through her older songbooks.

06. Over the years I have grown my dishware collection quite a bit, since I inevitably tried to make a recipe that I did not have the right dish for. Now I like to have a bunch of different options on hand to make it easier to experiment. These bakers are my current favorite. They work for everything from small side dishes like roast potatoes or mac and cheese to smaller portioned desserts like a crisp. Since we don’t have a microwave, these also work great for heating up individual portions of food!

07. Hair ties have never been my friend. I have very thick hair, so they snap, they stretch and they are never anywhere you need them to be. However my friend recently introduced me to this grip style and I am a total convert. The spiral design stretches perfectly, but comes back to normal size and holds my hair in place all day long. I like that they come in different colors or clear and it doesn’t pull my hair when taking them out. Plus the chunkier style makes them much easier for me to find.

08. Uggs.. the infamous footwear of my early high school years. Although I no longer wears Uggs with a denim mini skirt (cringe) I can never drop this admittedly un stylish footwear for good. With the newer mini and ultra mini iterations, they feel much more like a slipper shoe and I can’t get enough of them in the fall / winter. I have the Mini II and love where they hit on my ankle, especially when paired with loungewear.

09. Cire Trudon is the ultimate scent luxury. Although their fragrances are very pricey, they feel so high end and have one of the best scent layerings. Their room sprays not only smell good, but come in such a chic bottle that looks beautiful on a bathroom counter or bedside table. This would make a great holiday gift for you or someone else!

10. I completely forgot how much I love Madewell jeans, until I recently bought this pair before my trip to New York. They are so comfortable and stretch in all of the right places. The wash and overall style feels like a great, classic pair of denim.

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