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I always love a layering of texture and subtle pattern, but especially as the weather starts to change and I am in full nesting mode. In the summer months I often strip back our space to feel lighter and will stow heavier blankets and pillows. Since I really lean on the seasons, when it gets colder I like incorporating more warmth and layers throughout. This can be in the smallest of additions such as a new scent or vase with a bit of texture or even adding a new rug and accent lighting. It is amazing what simple changes can do. I gravitate towards warmer hues (less crisp whites) even in accents like coffee table books and pillows. I love swapping around decor I already have and incorporating a few new special accents.

Dress | Lamp | Wall Art | Pitcher | Pillow | Rug | Gilles & Boissier Book | Vase | Candle

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