January Inspirations

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! One of my goals this year is to take a different approach to Mondays and in turn, Sundays. Although I work for myself I still get that restless feeling on Sunday evenings and start playing out everything I need to accomplish for the upcoming week. I realized how much better I felt on Monday mornings when I made a shift to thoroughly enjoy my Sunday instead of rushing into the week ahead. Simple swaps like prepping lunch, buying fresh flowers, washing bedding and organizing my email inbox all help me start the week off with a healthier mindset. I combine more chore tasks with things I love like listening to a new podcast, going on a long walk (or a glorious long nap) and trying a new dinner recipe. I used to do laundry and get flowers on Friday to start the weekend off a particular way, but I found doing this on Sunday felt like kicking off a new week with a clean slate. There is also nothing like getting into a freshly washed bed on a Sunday evening. As always simple routine changes can make such a big impact, so this year I am focusing on what feels good instead of staying in the same routines I have been. (source above)

simple, beautiful layers


I always steer away from red, but this set up is making me think twice

The dreamiest tub with a view at JK Place in Florence


winter whites

Loving This Week

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