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I often receive questions in regards to cheaper alternatives for certain pieces in my apartment. I figured it was about time I start putting them into blog posts as an easy reference point. I have found most of the time there is no perfect alternative, but there is almost always something to give off the same overall vibe or style. Whenever going cheaper I try to extract the essence of the overall original piece instead of looking to find an exact copy because A.) that often doesn’t exist and B.) when we are understandably on a very tight furniture budget, pieces simply look different. Materiality such as metal finishes, upholstery or wood construction don’t have the same look and feel. Therefore, I look more at overall shape, details like bench seats or arm style for upholstered pieces or height and drawer style of dressers. You can also always replace hardware or paint furniture to make it more your style! This is not really a budget post because some of the items linked are still quite pricey, but I tried to find a mix of price points for each one and they are all cheaper than my featured pieces. As we know, prices have gone up quite a bit on everything and we are really seeing it reflected in furniture. So, sadly even once “cheap” furniture is slowly going up. For this reason I also love home consignment centers for furniture and flea markets for accents like vintage pillows, lighting, etc. I tried to focus more on our larger investment pieces, but please let me know if there are any others in particular you want to see additional options for and I will continue doing these posts!

Linen Chaise Sectional Sofa

I love our sectional sofa so much, but it was definitely an investment piece and the price has gone up in the two years since we bought it. If you are interested in purchasing the exact piece, I will say it is incredibly comfortable, very deep and has held its shape really well. I love the color of the upholstery since it goes with everything, but isn’t bright white and the overall style is very timeless. You can read more about how I keep it looking fresh in this post. Buying a sofa, especially a sectional on a very tight budget can be hard since sofas in general aren’t cheap, but I have come across some timeless sectionals in different sizes that are definitely cheaper than mine!

Wide White Dresser

Our bedroom is small, so this piece was perfect for in there! It is really low and I love the clean lines on it. The quality is great and the drawers are so durable, but it does come with a very high price tag. While I love the brass accents, the cheaper you go you will often find these tend to look more yellow so if going very low end I would do a solid white or something with a softer finish accent!

Slipcovered Chair

This slipcovered chair in our living room is one of my favorite pieces simply because it is SO comfortable. Sometimes when I am at my desk for very long days I pull it over to use as my desk chair. Something like this would work much better for a desk or dining chair, but no matter where it is – a classic slipcovered chair will always be in style!

Vintage Pillows

Vintage pillows can add so much character to a space that differ from newer textiles, but they often are quite pricy. Of course there is a WIDE range, but I know to most sane humans $400 for a pillow is simply ridiculous. Especially if you are in the camp of why do you pay more for something used. Etsy has a ton of great vintage pillows (or vintage inspired) under $80 which I know is still a lot for a pillow, but I can’t stress enough how you have them for life. How many $20 Target or Home Goods Pillows have you purchased that you no longer have? I’ve had some vintage pillow covers for ten years and feel like they just get better with age. I also feel like having any sort of one off piece is what give your space a lot of personality. Even just one vintage mixed in with H&M or Zara Home pillows looks great!

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    Thanks for sharing! Would you mind sharing where your blinds & curtains are from?

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