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My personal style for my home and wardrobe has always been a mix of high and low, but as I have gotten older I try to make my lower end purchases less impulsive. Instead of leaving Target with a cart full of decor, I like to suss out the pieces that feel higher end for the price point. There is so much exposure to stuff, that we often feel inclined to buy without really loving something simply because the price is right. I noticed a huge difference in the look and feel of my home when I focused on timeless investment pieces, but filled in the gaps with well thought out budget friendly accents. I know we all have totally different spending approaches, so I wanted to bring back my more budget friendly round ups that still focus on a timeless look opposed to more on trend accents for both clothing and your home. I try to focus a lot of my product round ups on more quality investments, but I know that just isn’t feasible for everyone and there are still so many beautiful pieces out there that don’t break the bank!


This smells exactly like Jo Malone’s Peony & Blush Suede candle and although it doesn’t have the same throw when not lit, it definitely gives off a strong scent and the vessel is so pretty. It also comes in a giant size which is great for larger rooms or a kitchen island!


Kitchen boards are one of my favorite functional accessories, but they can be quite pricey. This Etsy Shop creates beautiful boards with some around $40. You can always find them at places like Home Goods, but the wood can split over time. The finish on these looks beautiful and they use a quality wood. Also comes in a rectangular option.


This is my ideal spring / summer dress. The cut is so classic, the sleeve detail is beautiful and it just feels like a long time closet staple. I already see me pairing it with a basket bag and strappy sandals. The overall style makes it feel much more high end than the $60 price tag.


I seem to collect platters and love having different sizes on hand. This classic, oversized serving platter is currently on sale for $9!


I posted a photo of this over the weekend and got a lot of questions about where it’s from. It is technically a candle hurricane, but I like to use it as a vase since the straight style holds flowers really well. For reference I have the 9″, but also love the mini size for candles.


Sometimes it really is the little things. I finally upgraded my mouse pad which had gotten pretty tattered over the last few years. I love how high end this feels and they offer so many color options!


It is safe to say my love of loungewear knows no bounds. This hoodie also has a matching pair of pants to compliment it. I have also been loving this super soft Target sweatshirt that feels very luxe for $20.


Furniture is expensive these days, especially when it comes to accents like nightstands. These end tables come in both white and grey and have wonderful reviews. I also love that they are 28″H. You typically see more inexpensive nightstands are very low at 24″H or under which isn’t ideal for most mattresses.


The cutest little vase that feels like an Astier de Villatte piece, but for twenty five dollars. I also love the small bowl style for salt or pepper in the kitchen. These are the pieces I always gravitate towards and hold onto forever.


Y’all know I love a striped accent chair and the overall style of this reminds me so much of the one I used to have in my living room – for a fraction of the cost. It has great reviews and a ton of photos from people who have purchased it, which always helps me when purchasing furniture online.

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