The Little Lamp

Lamps have become one of the biggest interior accents as of late and now that we are utilizing them everywhere (kitchen counters, bathroom vanities, bookshelves) a mini size option is often the only one that will fit. The mini lamp I have in the living room is so simple and truly has become one of my favorite accessories. I swapped out the shade for a pleated, patterned style and love how it serves as both a functional and decorative pice. The exact style shade is no longer available, but this is the same in a different pattern and Cruel Mountain and ZZ Custom have a ton of pretty options in different sizes.

Lamps can be tricky because we often want to put them places that are hard to plug in or not near a power outlet. I’ve talked about my love of portable power packs before, which is what I used when the lamp was on the kitchen shelf. You simply charge the pack, plug your light in and then can hide it behind something else like a book or wood boards. These are really intended for super low voltage so while they work great for minimal use – they only last two hours or so with a full charge and then have to be charged up again. It can be annoying, but worth it if you love that accent lighting. I also use it to charge my phone or computer if I am not home, so pretty multi functional! My other favorite lighting work around is the Sleek Socket. These make it super easy to place a lamp on top of a dresser or other piece of furniture and then push the furniture flush to the wall. If you want lamp in a bookcase you can make a small hole at the back, run your wire through and then plug into the extension cord. They offer a lot of different lengths which is wonderful!

The Little Lamp

  1. Carly says:

    This is the cutest thing I have EVER seen.

  2. Maggie O’Connor says:

    I love it! I am totally into the mini lamp trend 🙂 Do you mind sharing what size pleated lamp shade you purchased for this lamp? I always have a difficult time figuring out shade size!! Thank you!

    • Thank you Maggie! I did a 3″ Top X 5″ base X 4.5″ Tall. If you are ever looking at a lamp that comes with a shade, I just go roughly off the dimensions of the original and adjust based on if its tapered or if I want it taller, etc.!

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