Loving Lately

After a few weeks off the blog, I’m back! I honestly didn’t even realize it had been two weeks since I last posted, but that is just the way things have been going lately. Whenever I get really busy with work I find myself needing more doses of inspiration so I take some time offline. The weather has been beautiful so I am totally savoring walks in the green rolling hills, lots of fresh flowers and burning one my favorite springtime/summer scents. I also finally purchased this Tartine book which has me very excited to tackle some of their classic (insanely good) recipes. As always, when life gets hectic I like to carve out time in the kitchen. It feels like the one place I can totally check out and focus solely on what I am cooking or baking. I have slowly been adding a few more classic kitchen essentials to my everyday collection, including these coffee cups I have gotten a lot of questions about and these beautiful heavy duty pasta dishes. I really do have quite the addiction to white dishes, but they feel so timeless! I also dream of having an outdoor space this time of year so I pull a lot of inspiration from landscape design and started pulling pieces I love to a new Outdoor Shop page. Definitely more to come on that as I add favorites throughout the coming months!

Outdoor Chair, Cup & Saucer, Candle (cheaper option), Sweater, Tulips, Bralette (this is SO soft and a new favorite), Ring A, Ring B, Tartine Book, PJ Set (also one of my other favorite sets is back in stock), Woven Bag, Scott Shrader Exterior Design

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