Baby Shower Gifts

I recently got a request to put together a post on baby shower gifts. Perfect timing since I have my fair share of showers to go to this year and have been looking for gifts to purchase anyway! I don’t have kids, but have been to many a shower and tend to buy versions of the same things every time. Just about every shower has a very specific registry since moms-to-be heavily research their staple items. Therefore my favorite gifts to give are items not on their registry, but still practical. I love getting clothes or cute accents like stuffed animals or cozy blankets. Also, if you know the mom quite well something bigger like a chic diaper bag or more personalized gift such as an engraved necklace with the baby’s name always feels special. I get a few different size options for clothes and tend to get one nicer outfit and then a lot of cute less expensive everyday items from places like H&M baby or Zara Kids! Other favorites, include a cute frame with a photo of the mom pregnant or empty for her to fill with a newborn photo and a classic book with a special note on the inside cover.

Baby Book, Pacifiers, Teddy Bear, Sheep Blanket, Bib, Leggings, Changing Basket (cheaper option), Velveteen Rabbit, Lamb, Monogramed Pillow (or this), Swaddle Blankets, Slipper Booties, Star Onesie, Scalloped Frame, Belly Oil, Nip & Lip Balm, Overalls, Rattles, Diaper Bag

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