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Over the past couple of years I have made a conscious effort to pare down a lot of the clutter in my life. This goes for mental clutter as well. During the lockdown in 2020 I spent months feeling out of sorts, as we all did, and realized so much of my daily routine was focused on working and not carving out enough time for the little moments that help me reset. Obviously work is essential and some days feel like there are simply not enough hours, but as I shifted my mindset to incorporate more balance I felt so much lighter and happier. These days, the world constantly feels chaotic and quite frankly scary, so I have found that by surrounding myself with simple pleasures and little moments to look forward to – my mood and outlook has improved drastically. I am not naive to thinking a great meal can completely rectify a bad day or a series of bad days, but when I actively take the time to switch off and focus on what I am doing, I enjoy it so much more.

I am much more mindful about the way I spend my time and even the purchases I make. I prefer fewer, quality items in every aspect from my kitchen to my closet. Being surrounded by less, but being inspired by what I do have feels so refreshing. It truly is in the simplest of additions such as a fancy body wash or pair of pajamas that make me excited to crawl into bed. Just listening to a great new album or trying a recipe I have been wanting to make gives me something to look forward to. Some days I will even set up a fancy tablescape on our coffee table or use pretty napkins on a Wednesday because why not! As we all know, life is too short, so take an advantage of all the simple moments that bring you joy!


The combination of fresh peaches and creamy burrata is one of my favorite warm weather dishes. This recipe also combines tomatoes and cherries (the latter I omit just because of personal preference) tossed in a vinaigrette. SO GOOD!


I have such an affinity for summertime scents and love to switch things up a bit this time of year. I definitely incorporate a lot more florals, citrus and coconut notes in everything from candles around my place to the perfume I wear. I recently got this shower oil and not only does it feel great on my skin it smells SO good and lingers a bit. This body scrub & lotion is another longtime favorite that instantly makes me want to be on a tropical vacation! Another lingering scent that lasts for hours.


These Assouline books are pricy, but will be apart of your collection forever. I am such a sucker for beautiful travel books especially when I am not going on a trip anytime soon. The pages are filled with stunning photographs of Capri throughout the decades that instantly make me yearn for a seaside Italian getaway. Another favorite is the Great Escapes series.


I might actually have a real problem when it comes to pretty PJ sets and I can never get enough silk. One of my favorites is currently 30% off. I live in this during the spring/summer and big bonus that it is machine washable. It is incredibly soft and still breathable.


I have been listening to CMAT’s album, “If My Wife New I’d Be Dead” on repeat the days. The Irish singer/songwriter has such a unique sound and I love listening to it on drives or long walks. It feels like a breath of fresh air.

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