Where do you live?

I live in Sausalito, California with my husband Daniel. Sausalito is directly across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco. I grew up in Marin County and feel lucky to call this beautiful place home. If you are visiting the area you can check out my Sausalito City Guide for recommendations. 

What Do You Do?

I am an interior designer and content creator. Towards the end of 2019, I left my job as a designer at a firm to go off on my own. You can visit the Design Studio to book E design services and read more. I also run my blog and work with different brands on styling and content creation.

Where can I purchase items I see in a blog post or Instagram?

I try and link most items depicted within each blog post, but if you see something you like chances are it is on a shop page. Just about everything in our apartment is linked on the shop page "My Apartment" which is broken up by room.

Did you get a degree in interior design?

I got my BA in interior design from the Savannah College of Art and Design.
 Oh how I miss Savannah! 

Where does Harlowe James come from?

Savannah is home to some of the most incredible antique stores. While rummaging through old artifacts, I found the name Harlowe on a vintage street sign and instantly fell in love. I thought it epitomized southern charm. Little did I know years later I would be naming my blog after that street sign, but for me, it is a reminder that we are all a collection of the places we have lived, the people we meet, and the moments we share.

Do You Own Your Apartment?

We do not. We rent an approximately 550 sq. ft. apartment built in the early 40's. All of the detail work is original to the apartment! 

Welcome to Harlowe James! I'm Chrissy Hunter and I started this endeavor because I live for the little moments in life. A fresh bouquet of florals, an early morning sunrise or a comfort inducing space. Here you will find interior inspiration, various recipes and some of my favorite places to visit. If you are interested in design help you can see more on my Studio Page

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