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One of the most requested blog posts was to see ideas on fall decorating. I have done a few posts on this in this past, but since I don’t really decorate for fall, more transition into the season I thought I would share snippets from seasons past. For me – Autumn is all about coziness. Putting away the breezy materials of Summer and layering in some warmer scents, chunkier texture and all the wonderful elements that bring a home alive during this time of year. LIke every season, I rely heavily on natural elements to make my space feel decorated – opposed to actual decor pieces. I of course love some little accents (especially around Halloween) such a skulls or spiders, but for the most part I like brining in leaves, branches, bowls of pumpkins, persimmons, kumquats. Anything natural that adds color and texture and feels seasonally festive is what I lean towards.

If you want more decor ideas you can visit my Fall Home Shop

My Favorite Autumn Candles

A simple texture swap with throw pillows or blankets can transform a sofa from light and summery to more fall forward. It is so easy to swap pillow covers and store your lighter pieces until Spring!

I almost always have a vase of leaves (that I literally forage in my neighborhood), but if the real deal isn’t your thing – there are a ton of good faux options out there now.

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  1. Chelsea says:

    I love your picks! I’m in Australia so actually at the very beginning of Spring, but seasonal decorating isn’t as big a thing here so I’m loving these just for their vibes!

  2. Mandi says:

    Years later and I’m still looking for your ghost throw blanket. Love it!

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