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I don’t often do full blown beauty posts on here, but in my recent Q&A I got a few questions to share my skincare and beauty routine. I always love reading others, so I thought it might be fun to share. I am starting with my skin routine and will do another post with the few tried and true makeup staples I use. I am and always have been a skincare product junkie. I get sucked in to the pretty packaging on display at beauty stores and mull over articles on products that promise to transform your skin. I have tried SO many over the years, but as I got into my 30’s I thought it might be time to find a better routine and more or less stick to it. Skincare is so personal and I have found that consistency is what has helped me tremendously. I try to avoid using dozens of products and have pared down my medicine cabinet to only include the staples. I am always tempted to test something out, so if I finish one product I may switch it up, but for the most part I use the same products on repeat.

For most of my life I had very easy skin, but about four years ago I got Rosacea seemingly out of no where which caused an array of issues. I also have Hashimoto’s which can lead to random bouts of very red, dry, itchy skin. After years of trial (a lot) and error (a lot) I finally found a routine that calms, hydrates and rejuvenates and it really has made the world of difference. I have found skincare is such an investment. I truly could not even fathom spending anywhere near $300 for face cream in my 20’s and still shudder to think about it now, so I mix in a lot of La Roche-Posay which is incredible and very budget friendly! See my round up below in order of use and feel free to ask any product questions. Also now is a great time since Sephora is having their big sale and most of the splurge pieces are included!

Hydrating Gentle Cleanser

One of my longtime favorite brands for sensitive skin. This creamy cleanser is wonderful and has become my go to for daily use. It never strips the skin and since it is fragrance and sulfate free it never irritates. On days when I want a little exfoliation I use this.

Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Serums tend to be my weakness purchase and after trying dozens (probably more), I kept coming back to this for daytime use. I will always love my IS Clinical, but at the advice of my dermatologist decided to take a break from something so active to let my skin reset a bit. Hyaluronic Acid is so hydrating and really helps plump the skin.

The Ultimate Soothing Cream

I had tried the cult classic Rich Cream a few years ago and liked it, but didn’t LOVE it on my skin. When I saw the new Ultimate Soothing Cream that aims to reduce redness and calms signs of inflammation – I immediately jumped. The reviews were incredible and it has lived up to the hype. As with everything the price is jarring, but it truly has transformed my skin. I don’t say that lightly. I tried so many products to help calm Rosacea flare ups and nothing has worked like this. It is immensely hydrating, absorbs into the skin beautifully and a little goes such a long way!

Eye Contour Cream Supreme

I use a tiny bit of this twice a day and the little jar lasts me over a year. It is so hydrating and I have noticed a difference in fine lines around my eyes over time, plus the little tool it comes with feels so good to apply with. This is the area I started to notice wrinkles forming the most over the past few years, so I try and treat it with extra care. I love how this absorbs and never feels sticky. Plus I put all over my upper eyelids without irritation which many other eye creams have caused. *It is also being sold in a gift set right now.


The most important step in my skincare routine that I probably omitted as a daily step for far too long. This stuff is thick, but lasts all day and absorbs into the skin with a nice finish, making it easy to apply makeup after if need be. It never makes me break out or leave my pores feeling too clogged.

Night Serum

This is by far the most I have spent on any one skin care item. The price is painful, but this little jar is filled with some sort of magic. I noticed a difference in the overall texture of my skin in about a week and it only got better with time. I only use this at night in lieu of my other serum and in order to preserve as much as possible use half an ampule instead of a full. This in combination with the Bader moisturizer has transformed my skin barrier and gives me a very dewy completion. *For something not as outrageously expensive I also love this.

Face Roller

I have become a huge fan of facial tools over the years and have actually noticed a difference in fine lines and sculpting in certain areas. I have an extremely round face and big cheeks so I will never have chiseled cheekbones, but I love using a Gua Sha on my jawline, in between my eyes and on my neck to help with circulation and improve Lymphatic drainage. Also self massaging the face works wonders and there are some great YouTube videos. Other items I love are a classic face roller for under eye puffiness and a derma roller which I use to let product sink into the skin better and eventually tighten and brighten.

Rapid Response Detox Masque

Masks are another weakness for me and while I rotate depending on the state of my skin, the two I use the most are for breakouts and hydration. The Renée Rouleau detox mask is my go to for hormonal breakouts, and really has helped new breakouts from forming. Another I love, especially this time of year is the Oak Essentials restorative mask. This thick, honey based mask leaves my skin dewy and hydrated which is great with cold/dry winter weather.

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