A Simple Christmas At Home

This holiday season is obviously incredibly different than years past, but I am still determined to make the most of it at home. My approach is all about savoring a simple Christmas and elevating the smallest moments. With Christmas and a slew of other holidays upon us I am slowing down even more to soak it in and enjoy the time at home. Even though it is just the two of us, I love using our glassware or setting out cookies on a pretty tray. I light candles and play Christmas music to get excited about this time and pause to feel gratitude.

We always get fresh greens for the holidays and I love the way our Christmas tree fills the apartment with a seasonal scent. I have pared down a lot of my Christmas decor and instead prefer fresh accents, white taper and pilar candles and a few little accents the blend into our space. Here’s a peak into our apartment to get you inspired for a simple Christmas at home!

(Song in Video: Wonderful Peace by New York Jazz Trio)

My Holiday Home

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  1. Jennifer says:

    You have a beautiful house and I love your video..
    Everything about your house are so cozy.
    Just wondering while watching your video. What apps did you use to create it? . Do you have any recommendation.

  2. Julie says:

    That was so relaxing & soothing to watch! Reminiscent of a Nancy Meyers movie!

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