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Oh, the ever elusive dining room. Some of us have them, others do not (like myself), but the dining room is often one of my favorite spaces in a home. There are so many variations depending on how much room you have and your lifestyle, but since I often get asked what my ideal space would be or if I could create my dream room what it would have, I wanted to share my favorite elements of a pretty dining set up. In general I always gravitate towards more relaxed spaces because they tend to get more use. A classic dining room can have an air of formality, but I am of the mindset they should be used much more than once a year for entertaining or holidays. I also love when a dining set up is integrated into the kitchen if you don’t have a designated room.

Design above by Leanne Ford

The Perfect Table

The focal point of the dining room is often the table. Of course I gravitate towards something with a lot of character and dream of a large antique wood farmhouse option. I love antique tables because they already have wear and tear so you don’t feel as stressed about maintaining a pristine polish. They look just as good when you throw a pretty linen tablecloth over them and will forever remain timeless in style. If the more rustic look isn’t your thing, I have also been loving more modern stone top dining tables like this.

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A Timeless Chair

Almost anyway you slice it, dining chairs are expensive, simply because you need more than one. That is why I always look for a style that you won’t tire of and something that fits with your lifestyle because you don’t want to be changing these out every few years. If you have kids, maybe you opt for something with a removable cushion that can be cleaned instead of an upholstery just asking to get dirty. This is also a great way to change up the look of the chair after some time. This may sound silly, but I think the chairs are one of the reasons dining rooms aren’t used as much. Are they too heavy or hard to move in and out? Are you worried someone will get something on them making it completely impractical? By selecting a timeless chair that you aren’t worried about ruining you may be more inclined to enjoy it more!

Design above by Beata Heuman

Sideboard or Cabinet

If you have enough space, a beautiful cabinet or sideboard is often the perfect finishing touch to the room. They are not only functional, but can be a bit of a style departure from the table and chairs to add more interest. I am always drawn to anything with drawers and doors, but if space is not your friend even a long narrow console to set things down on can be helpful.

Design above by Nathan Turner

Small Space Dining

Sometimes a dining space is less of a room and more of a corner in your home. You can use everything from petite vintage desks to small scale bistro tables to create a small space dining area that still packs a punch. If I didn’t have my desk in our bay window I would totally go for one of the styles above to seamlessly tie in a dining set up to the rest of my living room.

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