What I Always Have In My Kitchen II

Last year I did a post detailing a few of my favorite items I always have on hand in my kitchen and wanted to do a follow up covering some more. I spend so much time in this room, experimenting with recipes so I am always trying to find ways to make it more efficient and enjoyable to be in. I never want the kitchen to feel cluttered, but instead filled with functional accents that I use in daily life. Even in our small space, I try to maximize storage so I can have multiple platters, serving bowls and prep dishes on hand when need be.

Aesop Hand Soap

I think the little elements in a kitchen can make it feel special, no matter the size. A high end hand soap is one of my favorite functional accents. I have tried so many, but always come back to the classic Aesop Resurrection for it’s wonderfully fresh scent and moisturizing properties.

Iron Towel Bar

Kitchen towels tend to end up all over the place. Hanging on the sink or on the oven handle, but I like for them to have a proper place to hang up and dry. I have had this towel bar in our kitchen for years and I love it! It looks clean and simple and it’s quite heavy duty.

A Quality Cutting Board

Even though our kitchen is small and counter space is limited, I love having a sturdy thick chopping block on the counter. A high quality board makes all the difference in preserving your knives and John Boos makes my favorite. I have the 18 x 13 which is a great smaller size!

Wire Baskets

I love these wire baskets for corralling items in my pantry such as dry goods (potatoes, onions, etc.) and cleaning supplies under the sink. I like dry goods to have some ventilation and even though onion skins can fall through the cracks I think it keeps things fresher than in more of a closed container.

Shun Knives

Shun Premier Blonde knives are my absolute favorite, especially the chef’s knife. Over the years I have built a collection of Shun knives based on my cooking needs because their quality is incredible. I also love my Lamson knives for a great quality cheaper option!


A forever kitchen staple. I use ramekins for everything from Crème Brûlée to using as a little bowl for everyday snacks. I love these Crate & Barrel sets in both short and tall.

Kitchen Candle

I still can’t get enough of the odor eliminating kitchen candle. The Basil scent is so fresh and is my favorite for lingering cooking odors. For a much cheaper option, I have been loving this Target option I talked about in a few posts ago.


I just got this half apron and love the material and the front pocket. If you prefer a full length, I also love this. I never used to wear an apron, but find them so functional for quickly wiping hands and putting something in the pocket while cooking or baking.

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  1. Suzanne B. says:

    I love your kitchen posts. Thanks for this! I have been doing some Chrissy-inspired shopping lately.

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