What I Always Have In My Kitchen

Despite having a small apartment kitchen, it has always been my favorite room in our place. Over the years I have made it feel very homey and although I crave more storage, it works great for the two of us. I have a Kitchen Shop Page, but I wanted to do a blog post (and likely a second part) detailing some of my favorite elements that you can always find in my kitchen. I tend to find favorites, either with cooking elements or decor that I purchase on repeat or would never replace.

Kitchen Towels

We don’t have a dishwasher, so a quality absorbent kitchen towel is crucial around here. These actually dry dishes instead of moving water around and hold up after multiple washes. I stock up on these at the start of a new year and love that they are sold in a set of two.

Fresh Herbs

I love to cook often, so I always have fresh herbs in the kitchen -especially a giant basil plant. You can grow your own or if you don’t have space, stick to the mini options (Trader Joes or farmers’ markets tend to have those). Other herbs I love to have on hand are thyme, rosemary and oregano!

Working Jars

I posted these on my Instagram stories last week and received a ton of link requests, so I figured I would share here as well. I have used these glass storage containers for years – for everything from pickling to food prep or even drinking smoothies. They’re durable, come in a few sizes and the flex top creates the perfect seal.

Good Olive Oil

No kitchen is complete without a good olive oil. For cooking, topping off a dish or simply a dip for bread – a quality olive oil makes such a big difference and can completely change the flavor of whatever dish you are preparing. I love St. Helena Olive Oil especially their flavored options such as garlic, lemon and rosemary. A little goes a long way so these bottles last and I like to add a pour top to make cooking easier!

Classic Platters

I have mentioned this a lot before, but one of my favorite kitchen staples is my array of platters and serving dishes. I have been collecting them for years and love that I always have dishes on hand when entertaining or going to a party. Astier de Villate and Hudson Grace make my favorites, but Crate & Barrel also has great classic options.

Food Storage

I had been through my fair share of storage options for baking essentials such as flour and sugar before I landed on these a few years ago. They are hands down my favorite because the rectangular shape allows you to scoop easily. I found with the deeper round jars as it got to the bottom it became harder to get out. These also stack nicely and come in a bunch of sizes.

Salt, Salt & More Salt

Salt is an essential part of any kitchen, so much so that I have about three different kinds at all time. Maldon sea salt flakes work on everything from cookies to roasting chicken and I always have a pinch bowl on the counter (and a box in the pantry). My other favorites are Diamond Crystal kosher salt and a quality Pink Himalayan.

Vintage Bowls

Although we don’t have a ton of counter space, I have at least two vintage bowls filled at all times and more on the shelf. I love them for corralling fresh citrus or dry goods like garlic and shallots. Elsie Green and Etsy always have a great options and the classic lion bowls will always be my favorite for garlic.

Various Coffee Cups

Anytime someone in my family comes over, the first thing they want is a coffee. Of course everyone drinks different kinds so I now have a variety of different cups on hand. I personally love a cup and saucer and these little espresso cups.

  1. Serene says:

    Thanks for another great post Chrissy! I love what you have done with your small space. I also live in a small ÇA apartment so your tips are super helpful!
    Xo, Serene

  2. carolina juarez says:

    Your kitchen is lovely. I also have an apartment kitchen and I did not like the space much, that is until I found your blog. You give me so much inspiration to work with the space I have. You also show me how adding little touches like fresh fruit in a bowl can make such a difference. Thanks Chrissy!

    • That is so sweet of you Carolina! Thank you so much! The beauty really is in the little details – they bring so much life to a small space and are easy to switch up when you are in need of a refresh!

  3. Ashlee says:

    Hi Chrissy! Love your post as always. Can I ask where that adorable straw bag is from? I love the handle!

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