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Last month I put together an Amazon Shop page filled with many of my favorite products I have bought in the past or buy on repeat. Since I purchase from them so often, I wanted to start doing product round up posts like I used to. They really have expanded their inventory, especially in the home decor and fashion categories, so I feel like I am constantly buying or eyeing something. Here is what I am loving as of late! {Dress pictured above old Dôen.}

BIA Cordon Bleu Cake Stand

I am a big fan of the classic white Cordon Bleu kitchen pieces and this standard cake stand is one of my favorites. It has no decorative border making it easy to slide cakes on and to cut. Next on my list is this stunning tureen.

Loewe Dupe

Who doesn’t love a good bag dupe? Especially a classic woven and leather handle for $40.

Knit Pieces

Such a cute hang at home combo which comes in a crop top, high waisted shorts and cardigan. I love all three colors – white, black and mushroom.

Set Of Glass Bud Vases

Little bud vases are so great to have on hand and these are a great price for a set. They are quite delicate, but I love the varying shapes.

Facial Roller

This is one of my favorite facial rollers and its $30! The material always stays cool, even in my vanity drawer which makes it feel amazing on the skin and great for de puffing. I also like that it’s duel sided so I can use the bumpy side on my neck.

Bottega Cassette Dupe

Under $40 and a bunch of good reviews! I’ve found with bag dupes I almost always have to order one to see the quality in person because you just never know, but I love this green color.

Floral Dress

A classic floral dress that comes in multiple color options and has a lot of customer uploaded photos which I love. It looks very flattering on an array of body types.

Floor Squeegee

Hands down this is one of my favorite Amazon purchases of all time. If you have pets or a lot of dust in your home – this rubber floor squeegee is a life saver! I use it in the kitchen almost daily and you can run it over rugs to pull up pet hair that may be left behind by the vacuum. I am always amazed (and a bit horrified) of how much it picks up.

Storage Basket

A beautiful lidded storage basket.
17.75 inches long x 13.75 wide x 13.75 inches tall.

Classic Turkish Robe

Just like my love for a good PJ set, I am all about bathrobes. It seems excessive to have more than one, but I like a fancier robe and something inexpensive like this to throw on after a shower.

Headband Stand

This is a bit of an odd one, but I never had a great solution for headband storage until I bought this. I have amassed a bit of a headband collection and always just threw them in a dresser drawer, but this helps them keep their shape nicely and I can stand it up in my closet.

  1. Kailey says:

    Hi there! I searched around but couldn’t find it, can you share your rug link if possible, please? I love your creativity and style.

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