Bought & Loved

A round up of recent purchases that I wanted to share before they’re gone!

Paris Sweatshirt

When purchasing from H&M I really never know what to expect, but this feels much nicer than the low price tag. I love the cut and the stitching details at the neck, bottom and sleeves.

Super Soft Lounge Pants

I may have shared these in another post, but clearly I can not get enough. These are my go to at home lounge pants. They hold up great after multiple washes (and remain very soft) which I often find hard with his material. They also have a pretty ribbed detail at the base of the legs which make them feel slightly elevated.

TheraFace Pro

I am slightly new to the facial device game (besides my tried and true LED light mask). I was looking for something to help combat my horrible TMJ and found this incredible device. Not only it is a facial massager, it offers 3 LED light options for wrinkles and acne – it also offers a microcurrent attachment (like the NuFace) and a cleanser head attachment (like a Clarisonic). It is expensive, but the all in one compact device with magnetic detachable heads removes the need for multiple units and is easy to travel with.

Fill + Repair Serum

I try and keep my skincare routine pretty consistent, but occasionally I come across a product I have to try. This serum is SO good. I have been noticing more fine lines around my eyes and mouth so I wanted to try something with more plumping power and this does not disappoint. It absorbs nicely and works well with my moisturizer. Plus it makes my skin feel so soft!

Oversized Fluffy Jumper

I have been eyeing the Toteme Alpaca sweater forever, but at $600 it is out of my price range. When I saw this similar style in the latest H&M collection I immediately jumped. I just know this won’t last long. While it isn’t exactly the same, it gives a similar vibe and is so chic for under $100.

La Roche – Posay Balm

Not everyone associates dry skin with summer, but all of the time spent out in the sun can leave me very chapped. This balm is so hydrating, I use it on my lips, eyebrows, elbows (anywhere that gets especially dry). A little goes a long way and I really notice a difference with dry skin spots.

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