Coffee Tables In Every Style

I just did and Instagram questions box asking you all what you are struggling to find and one of the top requests was coffee tables! Along with oversized art (a post to come on that soon) there were dozens of requests for specific coffee table styles. I have actually been meaning to do a post of this for a while. A coffee table seems like such a straightforward piece of furniture, but for many varying reasons they can be extremely difficult to find. Often they are not the right sizing (looking at you lack of large options that aren’t 7k), poor materials or simply a lack of inventory similar to what we see and love in inspiration photos. I have been wanting to replace mine forever because it was an inexpensive impulse buy and always felt a bit off in this space. I love the general style however the materials are cheap and it hasn’t worn nicely. I personally gravitate towards a stone top because they are so easy to wipe down, you don’t have to worry about coasters and the heavy duty top can withstand a lot of wear and tear. My other favorite is a good vintage wood. Something that has already seen a lot of love, so new nicks and marks only add to the appeal.


Jenna Cooper

Stone Top


design by Noel Pittman

Under $1,000


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