Design Crush: Mark Cunningham

I used to have a series on here called Design Crush that I somehow let fall to the wayside. I love sharing the work of the designers I look up to and that I pull a ton of inspiration from. I want to bring this series back, showing you how you can achieve a similar aesthetic in your own space. First up is one of my all time favorites – Mark Cunningham.

His interiors are the perfect blend of inviting and layered, yet incredibly polished and chic. I love his use of crisp whites, natural materials and unique accent pieces like an oversized lamp or vintage stool as a side table. His projects have such a wide range, from super elegant New York modern to smaller scale and cozy. Mark is such a master of intentional simplicity. He often opts for fewer pieces that make a big impact and lets the interior speak for itself without adding too much fluff or filler.

Mountain Peak White Paint, Art, Frame, Roman Shade, Drapes, Stool, Sofa, Pillow, Book, Candle, Rug, Lamp, Console, Bowl, Vase, Chair, Basket

*All photography pulled from Mark Cunningham website

  1. Caitlin Confidential says:

    I can’t believe I don’t know of Mark Cunningham! That second photo is my dream of the perfect living room: the chair, the vintage desk, natural rug, linen couch, not to mention the view into the garden!

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