Effortless Style

I think about the word effortless often. When pulling outfits together or rearranging a little corner in my apartment, my approach to almost everything no matter how much effort goes on behind the scenes is to make the end result appear as if it was slightly thrown together and often times it is. I suppose another word I utter often is cool – super broad vocabulary, I know. I have had numerous conversations about this with friends and clients, all in attempt to get to the root of the “cool factor” – the effortless element that separates certain homes or outfits and ultimately culminates in a breezy way. I think so many of us are drawn to this aesthetic and don’t always know how to replicate it or explain what they are looking for. It can be the missing element when pulling a room together.

My personal approach is not having anything too done. I don’t want a space or outfit over styled or too perfect. I like a bit of mess or rawness that feels intentional. Because I went to school for design I used to have a little bit more of a technical approach and I still do when it comes to larger elements and space planning, but with styling I like it to free flow. I want my space to look like a home. Layered with odds and ends that tell a story and feel personal. I have ditched a lot of pieces that feel staged or impersonal which has made a huge difference. I find that when you have better you need less because the pieces stand tall on their own, therefore I try to slowly invest in larger quality elements and fill in the gaps with flea market finds and inexpensive components, but never anything too trendy. Ultimately I think it comes down to not trying too hard. Let it come to you organically. Don’t try and force vignettes, just play around with pieces you love that speak to you and things you want to be surrounded by. I personally would rather have a bowl of lemons or fresh basil than a piece of “decor”. The functional becomes the decor. When it becomes less of a chore, the end result always looks better and reflects your personal touch.

Growing up and living in Northern California has contributed majorly to my style and what I gravitate towards. An effortless approach often comes down to the materials and natural elements always soften the look. I gravitate towards varying wood tones, in season fresh florals and citrus, crisp linens and a lot of texture through jute and sisal. There really isn’t a ton of decoration for decorations sake. Of course someday when I live in a bigger space and with certain projects I’ll take it up a notch, but in this small apartment I truly find less is more (without being minimalistic) and it makes the individual pieces feel incredibly special.

Vintage Pillow Cover

{I love displaying collections like my mix of French antique and new ceramics on the kitchen shelf}

Effortless Wardrobe Staples

{We are so lucky to have amazing produce and florals pretty much year round, so I like to get a lot at the local farmers market. Real florals and herbs make such a big difference, but do get costly overtime, so luckily there are some good faux options out there now}

Oval Handled Basket

{Functional storage baskets can blend seamlessly into decor and easily be moved from room to room}

The Breezy Look

  1. Michele Sulwer says:

    Where are your curtains from?

  2. Grace says:

    Hi! Beautiful space. Can you tell us where the little lamp and shade next to the TV is from?

  3. Linda K says:

    Serenity and peace ….rest for one’s soul!

    What is your wall paint color? It seems similar to Silver Satin BM, but perhaps it is darker?

  4. Daya Davenport says:

    Where is the entertainment center from? Love!!

  5. Rachel says:

    I would love to know where you found the charcoal portrait in the second picture. Love it! So beautiful yet no assuming.

  6. Sally Biadasz says:

    I love your aesthetic. I’ve grown up in So Cal and really relate to your effortless, organic and non decorated look. I look forward with anticipation to your blogs. Nice job!

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