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I put my Holiday Gift Shops out a few weeks ago, but I did get a request for a more specific round up of gifts that might not meet some of the basic categories. With a focus on general family gifting – possibly for in-laws, grandparents or relatives that you might not see as often. With general gifts, it obviously varies based on how well you know the person and I always think some sort of personal touch is great if you have a closer relationship. I like making photo books, either the old school way in a nice linen album or a printed version. Another favorite gift to give is a beautiful coffee table book on something of interest. Whether traveling, music or various sports, there are so many great options that feel like a collectors piece for in laws or even a host/hostess gift.

Soap & Lotion Set | Photo Ornament | Candle | Apron | Book | Picture Frame | Diffuser | Foot Roller | I Pad Holder | Appetizer Plates | Levain Cookies | Custom House Art

  1. Christina says:

    Beautiful selections! I love the photo ornament and house photo. Such special, sentimental pieces.

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