Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I truly can’t believe another year has come to a close and 2024 is here. I know I say this often, but it feels like time is flying by and years just flash before us, especially these past few. We are all so busy and often on autopilot making it hard to slow down and take in life as it’s happening. That is my goal for every year, but I feel like 2023 was the first time I was able to accomplish longer periods of slowing down to savor the day to day and it made such a difference in my experience. After Christmas, I eagerly anticipate the new year. I love the feeling of a reset and although I don’t make resolutions I like to get very clear on what I want out of the coming twelve months. I am so excited for what is to come around here in 2024 and thank you all so much for another year of support I hope you all had a beautiful holiday season and an easy transition into January. Wishing you the happiest new year!

Things Of Note

I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t start the year off with some new book or podcast. I have been listening to The Mindset Mentor a lot and I really enjoy the short, concise episodes. They are not revolutionary concepts by any means, but I find them very helpful to get on track and gain clarity. I often find myself thinking about a topic for days and gaining motivation to deep dive into how it applies to my life / what changes I can make.

Of course as soon as January rolls around my mind switches into spring. The mornings will be dark for a while longer and the air cold, so maybe it is my way of thinking of brighter days ahead. The holiday shops are gone, so I put together my New Year/Spring Shops where I started pulling pretty fresh pieces for home and wardrobe.

There are certain products I have had to try many versions of to get the right one. The biggest was a good steamer. I wanted something very small I could travel with and ordered this before our trip to Europe this past year. It is hands down the best steamer I have tried! It heats up instantly and doesn’t spit water everywhere. It does not hold a lot of water since it is small in size, but works great for steaming a couple pieces at a time. I also got the Nori portable iron which makes pressing pieces quickly so easy. This is an odd one, but I love using this to easily press the edges of my pillowcases that get so wrinkled.

I know this may get a big eye roll because who spends $70 on hand soap, but my Christmas gift to myself was this exfoliating hand soap by Diptyque. You all know by now how much of an impact I think a little accent makes to a room and having this pretty soap in my kitchen makes me happy. To use and to look at! I love how exfoliating it is without being drying and the heavy glass jar is easily refillable.

I am taking on new design projects for 2024 and have added a one hour consult option if you are simply looking for advice on what to do with your space without investing in full design services. If you are interested in working together you can head to the Design Studio page or send me an email directly!

  1. Cassandra Newell says:

    Happy New Year Chrissy! I look forward to reading your blog, following along with you on Instagram and asking for your design expertise in 2024! Cheers to a wonderful year!

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