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New Playlist // HJ .06 Finally a new playlist! You all know how much I love putting playlists together, now so more than ever. I love opening up all the windows to get a nice cross breeze and enjoy some summery songs. You can enjoy the latest here.

Furniture Shop. I receive a lot of requests for furniture round ups, but I have found it easier to add all of my current favorites to the Furniture shop page. I even break it down by piece to make it easier to find what you are on the hunt for. I have also been adding more to the main Shop and I am already pulling pieces for fall (to give me something to look forward to, ha!)

Nightly Wind Down. I have been in the horrible habit over the past few months of no real daily routine. This often leads to working late into the night and turning off my computer right before I get in bed. I realized it was time for a massive shift and now I make an active effort to get off my computer at least an hour before bed and spend that time reading. I find it helps my brain wind down and I sleep so much better. Getting back into a somewhat normal routine during the week weirdly feels like a breath of fresh air.

Candle I Can’t Stop Burning. I love A LOT of candles, but occasionally I get so hooked on a scent that it becomes my go to and I burn it on rotation. As of late it has been Freesia by Diptyque. I have owned this scent before, but for some reason have such a strong affinity for it now. I have one in the living room and one next to my bed because I love the clean, subtle floral smell. There is something about it that just smells like home.

  1. Jamie G. of Northe House says:

    Always love your playlists–thank you! Xo

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