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Linen Vest / Linen Trousers Australian company DISSH has quickly become one of my favorite brands for breezy classic pieces. For my trip to Europe I was looking for a vest and pant coord that didn’t break the bank. Both of these pieces are SO comfortable and feel very well made. I got the white for a crisp look, but I also love the natural.

Etched Glass Vase I get asked about my glass footed vase a lot. It is an old White Company piece, but this and this look very similar! For a more elevated look, I really love etched glass vases and the crystal pieces by William Yeoward. They feel so special and would make a beautiful Mother’s Day gift.

Le Marké Oil & Vinegar Set We go through A LOT of olive oil and balsamic around here and I love trying out new brands. Plus anything with chic branding that looks good in the kitchen is always a win.

Strappy Sandals I have a pair of older lace up sandals that are a spring/summer go to and was on the hunt for a new pair with a very thin (yet durable) strap . I normally go for lighter brown, but decided to get these in the dark brown and love how they can be dressed up. The soles are firm so definitely need to be broken in, but the strap doesn’t pinch which is great.

Small Leather Pouch I find Cuyana pouches to be incredibly versatile. I use them as a carry all in my bags – especially when traveling, as a makeup bag or a clutch. The new green color is so pretty!

Madewell Sunglasses If you are looking for a chic pair of sunglasses for $70 – these are great. I also love the blue color!

Face Sunscreen I recently switched up my face sunscreen (I have used La Roche-Posay and Supergoop) to Elta MD after getting a BroadBand Light Laser facial. I find this formula works incredibly well with my skin and absorbs beautifully instead of leaving a film on my face. It is lightweight, spreads evenly and never causes breakouts.

Caprice Heels I fell hard for The Row’s Bare Heels, but didn’t want to spend $900, so I was very happy when I found this almost identical pair. These run large so I had to exchange for half a size down, but overall I love the extremely simple style and how they go with everything. The low heel makes them pretty comfortable too.

Body Scrub Over the past few years I have started to take my body skincare more seriously and develop a bit of a routine for more than just my face. You all must know by now I LOVE a good body scrub and like trying different formulas with active ingredients that do more than just cleanse the skin. Dr. Barbara Sturm just released an anti aging body scrub which she  “uses twice a week for an instant glow or all-over energy boost. I also love a body brush for dry brushing before a shower.

Astier de Villatte Flatware Stainless steel and dishwasher safe

Next Up to Try – Salty Face Tanning Foam

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