Monday Inspirations 10.11

Happy Monday! The weather has started to change around here, giving us crisp mornings that finally feel like fall. This really is my favorite time of year and I have felt a total mood shift as I spend more time taking little walks outside in the fresh air and spending cozy evenings at home. I want to start sharing more recipes, since this is my favorite time for baking and cooking and little ways I enjoy the season. I am working on a new blog series that is more stripped down – more like my Instagram stories with less polished photos of what makes me feel good. It could be a meal or a new habit I am incorporating into my life, but I love that raw approach of sharing little moments that inspire me. I hope you have a wonderful week! (source above)


Joa Studholme’s stunning home

source | source

loving all the details in this bathroom

this texture combo is so good

Loving This Week

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