Monday Inspirations 2.28

Recently I have been thinking a lot about gratitude and how that can shift my perspective on so many things. I like to make gratitude lists and pause to feel thankful, but recently I read something on practicing gratitude in small ways everyday and one of those is from the time you wake up. I have a tendency to dread Monday mornings (or let’s be real, any weekday morning) and a lengthy to do list, but I have started swapping my thought patterns when I wake up to initial thoughts that make me feel grateful. Something as small as how soft my sheets feel on my skin or how comfortable my bed is or the fact that I woke up at all. It can seem silly to be grateful for waking up, but I find (especially with everything going on in the world) those little shifts can set the tone for my day and make me so much more appreciative of everything. Of course this doesn’t always work, but I think the act of being mindful and trying to start the day off with positive thoughts before you even get out of bed is such a good habit to form. I hope you all have a beautiful week and take care of yourselves!
(I love a good garden gate)

If only Mondays started this way source

very into this cabinet color for something unexpected

and the perfect layering of natural materials in this dining room


Backyard detail dreams!

Found this skirt buried in my closet and now I can’t wait to wear it this spring

Loving This Week

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