Mother’s Day Gifts

Every year right before Mother’s Day rolls around my mom says “Don’t get me anything!” It is pretty much her default for any holiday, but of course I always get her a little something. When I lived and LA and had no money I started making my mom, Ina Garten’s lemon cake and wrapping it in a cellophane bag with pretty ribbon to give as a gift. I love this recipe because it makes two loaves so you can gift more than one person – or keep one for yourself. She loved it, so now that is one of my favorite things to do as an inexpensive option. Another go to is making a playlist (RIP burning mixed CD’s) since she never does that for herself. Just about every time I have music on, my mom asks me what song is playing so I compile a playlist with songs I think she would like or some of her classic favorites. I rounded up a few other pretty pieces I know my mom would love including a scalloped frame for a family photo or cozy robe!

Robe, Body Butter (my favorite for years, it is pricy but works wonders), Jewelry Travel Case, Flowers, Scalloped Napkins, Gua Sha, Cake Display, Jo Malone Soap, Earrings, Gardening Basket, Picture Frame

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