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It is hard to believe I have been in this apartment for almost seven years! It has gone though so many iterations and changes, but over the last few years it has remained pretty much the same and very much feels like home. One of the more frequent questions as of late has been in regards to my various window treatments seen throughout. Although I try and link most things on My Apartment shop, I figured it would be easier to outline it all in one blog post for easy reference since nothing is changing anytime soon. This post is just about my specific window treatments, but if you have general questions you can always send me a message!


In my living room I use these drapery panels which are a go to. I have used the Emery panels for years and I absolutely love the relaxed look, the weight and the color. I have them in white, cotton lined. The white does have a warmth to it, so it is not a super crisp white, but not ivory. Do keep in mind if you are purchasing these in blackout lining they will look slightly different as the blackout panel can make the color of the front appear slightly more grey. If you like this look, but can’t do off the shelf sizing they also offer custom panel sizing. Or if you want the panels to a look a bit more tailored and formal, I love the pinch pleat! We sadly can’t put drapery rings on these because of where the rods had to be mounted, but these are ready to attach ring hooks to the back which come with the drapery rings.

I bought these inexpensive drapery panels for our bedroom a few years ago with the intention to update, but actually really liked them. Of course the Emery panels are a much better quality and thickness, but these do work for their purpose. They are quite thin and let light in, but since we have shades on this window it is a nice way to let some light through and use in tandem with shades for more privacy.

Drapery Hardware

I get asked about the bay window drapery rod a ton! This is one of the first things I purchased for the apartment and honestly can not believe it has held up for so long. The quality is not great and they have much nicer bay window solutions now, but at the time this worked and I have had no reason to replace it. Since we don’t have drapery rings and I don’t open and close the panels a lot at this window, the rod doesn’t have to do much work. For a sturdier option, I would recommend getting nicer rods (these are my favorite and what I use in the rest of the apartment) and add two elbow pieces for the bay. I also like these to go with these.

Window Shades

Another piece I bought right when we moved in that I am shocked has held up so well is the woven shade in the kitchen. These are not custom so you just buy as close to your window size as possible which means you often have a large roll because they tend to be longer than needed. This really only goes down in the summer when it is really hot, but if you are using everyday I would get something a little less heavy. All my other window shades and the ones often seen in my bedroom are these semi custom in the color Bonaire Flaxen. Mine are unlined because they are paired with drapery and I like the way it allows some light to come into the room. If you want full privacy and aren’t pairing with drapery I would probably get them lined. Mine are inside mount which I prefer, but this all depends on the style of your window.

  1. Drey says:

    Lovely post! I love the view from your living room as well. Do you have any recs for sheers to cover up a bad view?

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