October Playlist

My favorite month is finally here which kicks off my favorite time of year! October always feels like the perfect transitional season before the holidays kick off and y’all know how much I live for fall. I noticed my playlists tend to get more mellow as the year goes on and this one is no exception. I am excited to head off to Charleston next week to take care of more wedding prep and enjoy this beautiful time of year! You can listen to the new playlist here. Enjoy!

  1. ADYLENE GATES says:

    what brand is the blanket? its adorable. i want to see if some internet search finds it so i can get one

    • Hi Adylene!

      Theres no labeling on it, but a lot of people have tried to search online and I believe if you search TJMaxx Ghost Blanket or Home Goods Ghost Blanket something will pop up. Sadly a little hard to find though!

  2. Stephie says:

    Where did you get that adorable blanket?!

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