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I recently got a question about my favorite rugs to use which made me realize I tend to pull the same three to four rug styles all the time. As much as I try to branch out into different styles, I come back to my tried and true because they work everywhere. Once you get more familiar with materials you know what to expect in terms of upkeep, comfort and overall ease. I try to avoid more synthetic materials like polypropylene because they can have a certain look to them – a very broad statement since so many rugs are woven with an array of materials. However I find more natural fibers like wool and grasses to be a bit more timeless. I know many synthetic rugs can be a better price point, especially for larger sizes, so I always try and link some good options on my Rug Shop page.


Without a doubt, the rug style I use the most has to be natural fiber. Whether jute, sisal or seagrass – I gravitate towards this style for the classic look and ease it adds to every room. It can go with any interior and because it is so popular, the main question I often get asked is in regards to shedding and softness. I have mentioned this a bunch, but all natural fiber rugs shed to some extent. As you walk on them, the fibers break down and depending on the construction start to pull away from the weave causing shedding. However, the more foot traffic – the more the fibers start to soften and that initial “poking” feeling subsides. Wool rugs do the same, but it typically doesn’t last forever. If you want a tighter construction sisal is a great option, but is often not as soft under foot. For living rooms or bedrooms I always go jute since it is naturally the softest, but prefer a sisal for a kitchen runner. Since it is more tightly bound I find it easier to clean and food doesn’t get caught in the grooves. photo source


Striped Kilim, Overdyed, Moroccan, Dhurrie – no matter the style, I love a good vintage rug! They add so much charm and character to a room and since they are pre loved, they have a patina to them that can not be replicated. I find these to be incredibly durable – they have been around forever – and look better over time as they age even more. photo source


A classic wool rug is my go to for cozening up a space. Whether vintage or new, I love a plush shag rug especially in a bedroom, to have something super soft under foot when getting out of bed. I also love the oversized look in Kendall Jenner’s living room that softens the whole space and feels so inviting.
photo source

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