Sausalito City Guide

I have been meaning to write this post for a while as I get asked about my favorite spots in Sausalito all the time. Daniel and I absolutely love living here and if you are not familiar with the Bay Area – Sausalito is directly across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco. I am by nature not a city person and he was over living in big cities so we settled on Sausalito for its stunning views and peaceful environment. We both grew up in Marin County, but Sausalito feels incredibly unique to anywhere else. Some mornings when the fog is thick, it feels like a small east coast fishing village, yet the city is less than ten minutes away. Sausalito is very small and very touristy so it can get packed on the weekends, but there are some spots that are not to be missed if you make your way over here. See some of my favorites below!

{the boat docks always make for a good photo op}



Le Garage

Sausalito Equator

Lighthouse Cafe


Sausalito Bakery & Cafe

{Cocktails & A Meal With  A View and/or Lunch}

Barrel House Tavern

Bar Bocce 



The Trident (sit on the back deck)

{Lunch & Dinner Spots}

The Joinery (also has good outdoor seating)

Osteria Divino 



Napa Valley Burger Co. 

Sushi Ran

Sandrino Pizza

Farley (restaurant & bar at Cavallo Point)

Saylor’s Mexican Food

Floodwater (technically Mill Valley, but great large bar for watching sports games)

{Sweet Treats}

Lappert’s Ice Cream (the coconut and strawberry flavors are my fave!)

Sausalito Bakery & Cafe

Munchies Candy Store

Sausalito Sweets


You would think because Sausalito is so touristy that there would be a sea of great stores, but it is a lot of t shirt shops and art galleries. I dream of a beautiful home store opening up here someday, but for now it is not really a cute shops destination with the exception of a few. Although they are not all traditional stores, these are the places I visit most frequently for fresh flowers, cool art or small gifts.


Heath Ceramics


Tazi Designs

Ladybug Flowers


Sausalito only has a couple hotels and they are all on the pricier side, making it an ideal day trip destination. If you do decide to stay here you can’t beat hotel options!

Casa Madrona (perfect location, great views!)

Inn Above Tide

Hotel Sausalito

The Gables Inn

Cavallo Point ( this is further from town, but you can rent bikes and it is such a stunning property)


Cavallo Point

Houseboat Community

Ferry Ride to SF

Boat Docks

Marin Headlands (outside of Sausalito)

Walk Along Bridgeway Path

Sea Trek Kayak Rental – such a cool way to see the bay

Bay Model

Discovery Museum (great for kids)

Picnic in Dunphy Park

Sausalito Woman’s Club (designed by Julia Morgan)

simply walk around some of the neighborhoods to take in the stunning bay views and beautiful homes

All Photos by Torrey Fox

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