Secondhand Shopping

Over the past few years I have tried to make a conscious effort about what I bring into my living space and closet. With clothes especially I try to have a balance of classic investment pieces and a lot less fast fashion, although the cheaper price tags make it tempting. I have always loved Ebay for used pieces, but a few years ago I really fell down the rabbit hole of shopping for used designer pieces online and there is no turning back. Secondhand shopping is my favorite way to shop and now that there are so many great online retailers, the possibilities are endless. The Real Real is my go to because I sell a lot on there and instead of getting cash back I do a site credit with a higher commission rate. We also have stores in Marin and SF, so it is a great local option. Anytime I have an investment piece in mind – almost always a bag or shoes, I check my favorite sites below first. Occasionally within a few months of said piece coming out, it will be sold in basically new condition online for a few hundred dollars less. It is also a great way to find older styles that have sold out everywhere else. I have scored so many incredible timeless pieces that look and feel new including both my two tone and brown Chanel flats. You never know what you can find and the hunt can be quite fun!

The Real Real


Vestiaire Collective

What Goes Around Comes Around

(I always check here for very specific pieces and just make sure the seller has good reviews, 100% positive rating and can verify item either by serial number or other markings, since pieces aren’t verified by the retailer like the other sites)

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