Simple Comforts At Home II

As I type this, I have a candle lit on my desk, it is pouring rain outside and I could not be happier! To finally have rain in the fall, makes me slip deeper into this season and feel incredibly grateful for the simple, comfortable moments at home. In my opinion nothing can beat it and I try and amplify small moments with intentional swaps like elevated loungewear or a new cozy scent. It is amazing what the comforts at home can do for my mood, especially watching When Harry Met Sally for the 100th time!

I just bought this limited seasonal candle and I LOVE IT! I wasn’t sure from the online description I would like it, but it smells like warm cookies and spice. I think I have to buy another one before they go for good. Diptyque also released a small set if you want to sample all the seasonal scents – the pine is beautiful too! Another way I implement little comforts at home is texture – a beautiful wood bowl or vintage basket, a cozy throw blanket and chunky coffee table books all make my space feel more layered and homey. I also just got this hoodie and these sweatpants from Jenni Kayne. They are SO soft and feel incredibly special. I am all about more fancy loungewear these days, since I tend to live in them. Remember you can get 15% off with code Chrissy15.

This time of year I also spend a lot of time in the kitchen. One of my favorite cookbooks for cozy meals is Ina Garten’s Barefoot in Paris. This includes her famous chicken stock and roast chicken with garlic. Ever since we got back from Europe we do a lot more at home charcuterie boards and one of my all time favorite cheeses is Point Reyes Toma. If you like truffle flavor, the Toma Truffle is heavenly and light. Paired with fig jam and shallot – YUM!

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