Simple Seasonal Decorating

For me, holiday decorating has always been more about the overall feeling a space can invoke than loading our small apartment with decorative accents. I am more drawn to fresh greenery and soft florals than santa figurines everywhere. In large part because we have no where to store any of that and fresh greens can easily be composted at the end of the season. We have yet to get our Christmas tree so it still feels a little empty, but I wanted to share a few of my simple tricks for bringing seasonal decorating into your space without feeling like you have to buy too many new accents. I always think its important to incorporate pieces I love year round, not just things I have to stow away as soon as December is over.

{Tip: Use a simple stocking holder to fix a mini wreath to your bookcases}

What Makes a Space Cozy?

I get asked this question a lot. In particular how does our apartment look so cozy without looking like we have a lot of stuff. As much as I long for Amanda Brooks home – that look wouldn’t translate as well with our simple architecture so I stick to a more monochromatic palette and layer. I have probably talked about this ad nauseam, but the two components I heavily rely on for creating a cozy interior are texture and warm lighting. We very rarely use any overhead lights except for in the kitchen and bathroom. For me – it is all about accent lamps and candles. Especially this time of year when I add simple lights to a fresh garland and have that magical glow of the Christmas tree going. Candles make the world of difference in our apartment and somehow make everything seem festive and cozy.

In the wintertime I stick to warm textures that are also very soft. Washed wool, sheepskin and faux Mongolian fur all create such an inviting layer. These also have a casual touch so I just throw them over the back of a chair or the corner of the sofa. I’m telling you – adding one perfectly placed throw and pillow can elevate even the simplest of corners.

“When it comes to greenery – I go for the real thing”

Even though I suffer from major allergies, I have never in my life had a faux Christmas tree. A real tree is something I grew up with and despite the pain of going to chop one down – nothing else compares. I know that is not realistic for many of you, or not something you even would want. If a real tree isn’t your thing, bringing in fresh mini wreaths or garlands can make a huge difference. There is just something about fresh greenery that can not be duplicated. Aside from the heavenly smell that instantly sets the tone, they just tend to look better and be easier to work with.

Tips for keeping your greenery lasting longer – fill up a spray bottle with room temperature water and mist everything down at least once a day. I do this for my Christmas tree, wreaths and garland and they all last for about a month. If the garland feels like it is drying out faster than it should I will soak the ends in water overnight to give it some extra moisture.


Vintage French crock – Elsie Green
Vintage Bust

Art, Cire Trudon Candle, Candle Stick (medium), Candle Stick (large), Beige Pillow, Chinese Pillow, Marble Tray, Candle Snuffer, Small Dish, Velvet Ribbon, Wreath, Vase, Chair, Ornaments, Mongolian Fur, Candle, Book

All photos by Torrey Fox

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