Sunday Wrap Up

Things Of Note This Past Week

My all time favorite Gap Sweatpants finally came back in stock in the soft white color. These have been out of stock since last year and I have been impatiently waiting for them to reappear. I lived in my previous pair and love how soft and comfortable they are. I am always on the hunt for good white sweatpants and the quality of these are wonderful for the price point.

I had been wanting to try the Virtue Hairbrush for a while and am so glad I did. I love how this gently massages your scalp as your brush and have noticed a difference in how much hair comes out while brushing. I have also been loving their oil on my ends which makes my hair so soft and shiny.

As the weather changes and we move away from drier cold air, I always mix up my skincare routine a little bit. I started using Barbara Sturm’s Clarifying Serum followed by her incredible face cream in an effort to simplify and not agitate my skin after some very dry patches and breakouts over winter. I forgot how much I really enjoy using products from the same line and keeping it easy for best results.

Salad season is upon us and I finally updated my oil sprayer which makes applying salad dressing evenly so easy. I love that this is a glass bottle not plastic and mists salad or any topping to easily control the amount. I have even used it with melted butter on stovetop popcorn.

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