Sunday Wrap Up

Things Of Note This Past Week

I am always on a deep cleaning and purging kick in the new year and have started tackling chores I put off. I know it is gross, but I truly hate cleaning the shower/tub and neglect it longer than I should. However, I finally bought this electronic scrubber that is a game changer for shower walls and the bath tub. I also used it on the bathroom and kitchen sink with a little of my tried and true, Bar Keepers Friend and they instantly sparkled.

I used to buy this Jasmine candle from Target all the time, but when they stopped making it in the pillar style I kind of forgot about it. On a recent stop I noticed the large glass jar and upon lighting was instantly reminded how much I love this pretty floral scent for spring. I was also on the hunt for a classic terry bathrobe since mine has seen better days and picked this one up for $50. After an initial wash it was so fluffy and the perfect after shower weight.

A few of you asked about my headphones on my desk in a recent photo so I figured I would share them here in case you are in the market. After years of wearing AirPods all day long I developed a bad ear infection and switched back to over the ear noise cancelling. I used to wear Beats, but they always pinched my head/ears, especially on long flights. Although these are pricey they are SO comfortable to wear for long periods and the sound quality is incredible.

After the holidays (and eating, drinking and staying up later) my skin always looks a bit tired and dehydrated. I started using an old favorite mask which is SO good and currently on sale. I always forget how much this makes my skin glow. Just make sure you wash it off with cold water to get the desired effect. I also tried this new to me moisturizer for wrinkles and have already been impressed at the results. Although it contains retinol I find it very hydrating.

I will be adding more to the HJ Home Shop soon, but in the meantime I have been having so much fun putting together my Spring Shops. I know spring is a ways away, but pulling fresh pieces always gives me a new dose of inspiration.

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