Sunday Wrap Up

Things Of Note This Past Week

I shared my latest favorite purchase on Instagram this past week, but had to document here as well. This striped sweater is so pretty and such a beautiful quality. The weight is much heavier than I expected which I actually love because I plan to wear it as a shirt and won’t freeze if it is a little cooler out. I love how soft it is and the button detail is classic! Bonus it is currently on sale.

I finally added some pretty new pieces to the Harlowe James Home Shop with more coming soon. I have also had so much fun doing small one hour design consults for a lot of you since I added that service, so if you are interested send me an email!

This might seem like an odd one, but in an attempt to get more protein into my diet I started using protein powder. Hardly revolutionary, but I am late to the game! At the advice of a nutritionist I started using Just Ingredients because it is really clean – sugar free and gluten free. I use this in my daily smoothie and absolutely love the taste and how it makes me feel. Can’t recommend it enough if you are in the market for a protein powder.

You all know about my pajama obsession by now and I always find a good inexpensive pair in the spring at H&M. My favorite satin set (that feels so luxe) now comes in a pretty soft pink and blue color and my favorite striped set from last year now comes in a pink that I had to order. I don’t know why I am so drawn to pink hues lately, but it feels very fresh!

Another home tour that instantly gave me all of the warm fuzzy feelings! I have loved following Mary Nelson Sinclair on Instagram and her property feels like true magic. Imagine roaming those fields!

A lot of clothes in this post, but I have been updating some worn out staples as of late. I recently ordered this sweatshirt from Abercrombie which is a treasure trove of loungewear these days. The sweatshirt is more cropped than I thought so I actually exchanged for a medium to be a tad longer and I love how soft and lightweight it is. I also love this crew neck style and ordered these lightweight shorts for summer.

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