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Like all of us I have been in an absolute fog this past week watching all of the horrors going on in the Middle East. I always find it hard to navigate having a superficial job when we are surrounded by extreme heartbreak and heaviness, since anything I focus on is quite trivial and feels utterly pointless. It can feel callous to look away, but I have also found focusing solely on travesty doesn’t always bode well for sanity. There is no way to comprehend it and watching from afar can feel hopeless. If you are like me and looking for ways to help as much as possible I thought this list of resources was very thorough. I am going to continue to share content this week that may be trivial, but also hopefully serves as a welcome distraction. I aim to share little comforts that can bring all of us a smile, while not ignoring the very real atrocities that are sadly reality for so many innocent people right now. If you have any other resources that can help aid in any way please let me know. I am thinking of you all directly or indirectly impacted and sending everyone a big hug right now!

Things Of Note This Past Week

There are some very pretty new additions to Harlowe James Home including some little artwork and lamps!

To me, fall is all about cozy comfort food. I make these individual Chicken Pot Pie’s every year, specifically on Halloween and they just feel like home. Tip, always bake extra crust on a baking sheet to refill as you eat. I also can’t always get bone in breasts – boneless skinless work just fine if you roast for about half the time until cooked through (165 degrees F).

You all know I have a bit of an addiction to sweatpants and try as many as possible to see which ones are best. I stumbled on these Target sweatpants and have been living in them! They are such a good price point and look more high end than they are. The thicker material is warm and comfy and they don’t look huge in the knees. I find the sizing is always a little off with Target so I sized up to a medium so they are more roomy. I would get your normal size for more of a fitted look.

Speaking of Target, my favorite John Derian just launched a limited Thanksgiving collection with them. I love his whimsical designs, especially this candle jar and platter.

I get so excited for Diptyque’s limited edition holiday scents every year. While nothing will compare to my beloved Biscuit from a few years ago, I have been burning Délice all weekend and love it! It’s such a unique blend of sweet with a bit of spice. A perfect alternative to more traditional seasonal scents like pumpkin or pine.

I know it is only mid October, but so many shops are coming out with their holiday decor. I started putting my Holiday Shop together because I find it comforting and so many good pieces sell out before Thanksgiving. I will putting my gift shop pages together in the coming weeks!

Tis’ the season for all things cozy and good slippers are a cozy essential. I love my Ugg Tasman Slippers which are sold out in a lot of sizes, but noticed that Quince just added an almost identical pair for half the cost.

I receive a lot of questions about my purple stripe pillow in my living room. I got it years ago at Summer House in Mill Valley. It is made from a vintage textile, so sadly the exact one can’t be found online. However I found this and this which bear a very similar resemblance and I love the texture for this time of year.

Lastly, I spend a lot of time cooking cozy meals this time of year so I put together an “In The Kitchen” playlist that I find very soothing to put on when cooking or cleaning up.

  1. Suzanne says:

    I also find your Holiday Shop soothing! Thanks for putting it up. 🙂

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