The Budget Shop

I did a recent Instagram Q&A and received a ton of requests for budget round ups and new additions to the Budget Shop. I had been neglecting adding new items to that shop for a while, so I decided to do a complete overhaul since many items were no longer in stock. I will also continue to add to it with more pieces as I come across them. Budget is such a broad term, so it is not like everything on there is dirt cheap, but since I spend a majority of my days sourcing items for projects a lot of it is in comparison to similar items with a much higher price tag. Certain larger pieces like sofas are never really cheap, especially these days, but there are luckily some good options out there that aren’t a million dollars. I will also be doing more budget friendly blog posts to highlight particular pieces that are not outrageously expensive!

The Budget Shop

  1. Chelsea says:

    Love this, Chrissie! Now, if only US Target shipped internationally…

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