Wedding Guest Dresses

Wedding season is in full swing and will continue to go strong throughout the rest of the year. Last year we had so many weddings to go to, it is nice to have a bit of a reprieve. However, some of you wanted recommendations for good dresses to wear as a guest which is something I always agonize over for weeks leading up to the event. Of course the requested dress code sets the tone for any wedding which I have found myself googling many times to make sure I am not completely off base. I typically try to wear a similar style for all weddings – below the knee (unless very casual) and comfortable enough to wear all day/night. Since all weddings are so different, I included the gamut from casual to more black tie formal. If I was going to a wedding this year, this beauty would be my top pick! I think I might get it just to have, since whenever I need to go to an event it seems as though every dress magically doesn’t exist, ha! I love the color and the romantic details, plus it feels like it could be dressed up or down.


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