Wedding Talk: Registry Ideas

Since I announced our engagement I received a lot of questions in regards to our registry. I had never really put much thought into a wedding registry because we have lived together for years and have already very much combined our belongings. Additionally we are having a destination wedding so when Daniel and I started talking about a registry we knew we didn’t want anything too elaborate. We decided we would register for mostly special pieces such as well made kitchen items that we will have for years to come. I really don’t believe in rules for a wedding registry and think it should be a collection of pieces you may not typically buy for yourself.

We aren’t registering for a china set or anything too fancy as we will be in our apartment or another small space for a while and have minimal storage as it is. I also posted on my Instagram stories what all of you are happiest you registered for and got so many similar answers. Hands down Le Creuset pieces were the most popular. Followed by a nice knife set and pretty cutlery. Below are some pieces I have had my eye on that will likely end up on our registry!


  1. Serving Bowl | 2. Le Creuset | 3. Smeg Toaster | 4. Jo Malone Room Spray (these bottles last forever!) | 5. Toilet Brush | 6. Glass Vase | 7. Farmhouse Crock | 8. Cool Art | 9. Leather Carafe | 10. All Clad Set | 11. Classic Color KitchenAid | 12. Resin Tray | 13. Cutlery Set

  1. Annie says:

    Things I registered for and cherish/things I wish I had registered for more of:

    1) Baskets
    2) Nice blankets – we got two Brahms Mount blankets as gifts (we live in Maine) and they are two of our most used items.
    3) Nice picture frames – I wish I had registered for more! Good to have a lot to fill up with family memories as the years go by
    4) My pie plate – didn’t register for one, but I am so grateful my aunt gave us this beautiful piece of pottery that is also practical

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