Classic Bedding Staples With Coyuchi

By now it is no secret that my bed is my happy place. I have shared many a time that investing in quality bedding pieces can be a total game changer with getting a better night sleep and simply looking forward to climbing into bed each night. I was elated when the opportunity to partner with Coyuchi came up because I am a longtime fan of the brand. Coyuchi actually started in Marin County (Pt. Reyes) so I have been shopping their bedding staples for years. I love that they have an emphasis on sustainability and organically grown materials. I find each piece gets softer over time and the quality and comfort are wonderful. Since I get asked a lot of bedding questions, I wanted to share some of the recent additions to my lineup. You can also get 15% off your order at Coyuchi using the code CHRISSY_COYUCHI.

{Organic Relaxed Linen Duvet Cover, I pair mine with king pillow cases and Euro shams}

Organic Cotton Mattress Pad: One of my biggest sleep disrupters is getting hot, so starting with a foundation of a mattress pad that doesn’t trap in heat is crucial. This was an element I truly never gave much thought to before, but the cooling percale material is such a wonderful foundation and is incredibly soft.

Three Season Down Duvet Insert: I feel like I have been on a never ending quest to find the right down comforter and this is it. It’s definitely an investment piece, but wow is it well made. I have tried so many either down alternative or true down where feathers are coming out everywhere and they get incredibly lumpy. This was thinner than I thought it would be which is actually perfect for a nice clean looking bed. This is such a nice weight for all year long (disclaimer I do always have an end of bed blanket layered), but if you get cold they also have a winter weight option which is fluffier. The feathers are dispersed very evenly and the construction prevents feathers from getting out. In order to achieve the fluffy top I fold about 1/3 of the top piece down and then back over itself and smooth it out.

Down Feather Pillow: Another down staple that doesn’t get lumpy and feels so comfortable under head. I am a side sleeper and this feels so comfortable on my neck. If you have back/neck pain the Turiya Pillow is designed for proper spinal alignment, relieving pressure on your head and neck. It is made with indentations for your head and ears for both side and back sleepers.

  1. Melissa says:

    Hello, Chrissy. I’m a huge fan of Coyuchi! I was so excited to see you partnering with them. I used their linen duvet cover, shams, sateen sheets, and matelesse blanket in my new guest room. Can’t wait to redo our bed. Did you use the “Undyed” sheets and a “White” duvet? Looks so calm and beautiful!

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