Monday Inspirations 8.21

I instantly fell in love with Alfredo ParedesShelter Island house, I watched the video tour three times!

In the Cotswolds with Miranda Brooks and DÔEN

Simple charm

Beautiful exterior details

A magical sleeping porch in Sag Harbor

Loving This Week

  1. Linda says:

    All the picks this week are very inspirational, but Alfredo Paredes‘ home (and laid back attitude) has my heart. I’ve watched it first thing every day this week. Somehow it leaves me feeling calm and hopeful—and has inspired me to make some changes in my own home. Thanks for your always-impeccable taste and links to beautiful interiors (I have also been obsessed with Marc Cunningham since you featured him years ago. It was great fun to hear that he and Alfredo are friends and fellow pottery hunters.

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