Large Artwork

Whenever I do an Instagram Q&A, this inevitably comes up without fail – “Recommendations for oversized artwork to put on a large wall.” Art is something most of us struggle with because it can be particularly time consuming to find the right piece. It can also be quite pricy, especially when looking for something large in scale. There are so many great options for art online now, but I still think many of the great pieces are found at flea markets, estate sales, antique stores or done by local artists. Lately, tapestries have had a big resurgence. They are so beautiful, but can often be exorbitantly expensive. I have seen some very pretty faux options or replicas that give the same feel without the higher price tag. I am also fond of framing textiles or wallpaper particularly something vintage like a Suzani or African cloth. Of course framing isn’t always cheap, but it can be a great way to get something you don’t see everywhere. If your wall is particularly long and awkward you can always break it up by adding a collection like a gallery wall, dishes or objects ( I have been loving this look lately) or a set of multiple oversized artworks.

Interior design by Rita Konig, Art by Hugo Guinness

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