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Now that I am in my 30’s I am more thoughtful about most of my purchases including something I didn’t give much thought to earlier on – jewelry. I just had to have my ears pierced in elementary school (after a long bout of stick on earrings) and would collect junk jewlery from fast fashion stores all throughout my adolescence. In my early 20s I hit the statement necklace trend hard, and continued to buy cheap pieces that turned my fingers green or would fall apart after a few years. In the midst of my pandemic clean out I finally started to sift through my jewelry and toss anything that didn’t feel classic. I clearly prefer gold hues and gravitate towards dainty everyday necklaces and rings, but also like some more colorful pieces for traveling or fun events. When I got engaged my best friends gifted me the CatBird stamped ring with my new last name on it. It is so special to me that I now wear it in the stack with my wedding band and engagement ring. I am still not fully in the big investment stage of jewlery purchasing, but there are so many great mid market jewlery retailers that feel extremely well made and not that much more than a few fast fashion necklaces. I now look for pieces that tell a story, or I will have for the rest of my life instead of something temporary and I love getting special pieces on trips that will always remind me of that moment.

Where I buy my jewelry online

Monica Vinader {one of my favorite rings is from there}

Anni Lu {my favorite for beaded colorful pieces}

Missoma {where my green necklace I get questions about is from. Still one of my favorite everyday pieces}

Matches Fashion






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