Creating A Mood At Home

Happy Friday! We are almost through this work week, which has felt more like a year. Everything seems very out of place and on edge, so I wanted to share a breezy post to serve as a distraction. When I started my blog one of the biggest reasons I was drawn to doing so was to share little moments. I have always been drawn to nuanced scenes whether that be a conversation over a great dinner or fresh floral arrangements and a candle.

When I get styling questions it can often be hard for me to answer because so much of what I do is feeling. It might sound hokey, but it’s true. There isn’t always a method or a rulebook – design and styling is incredibly intuitive. My advice is to focus on the feeling you are looking to create which will in turn reflect your personality more. I need a calm living environment and there are a few simple accents that always bring another layer and set the mood.

Lighting. I never use overhead lighting (unless it’s night time in the kitchen or bathroom and I have to) I much prefer accent lighting with lamps for a softer touch

Fresh flowers. This is a non negotiable for me and truly breathe life into our otherwise very neutral space. You can get a gorgeous bouquet at the grocery store for $6 and it will likely bring so much joy!

Candles! You all know this by now, but they are an instant mood booster for me and add such a calming element with their soft glow. Adding in different sizes and a mix of glass jar, taper and pilar all help add interest.

Layers. Layering is my go to method of creating coziness and evoking a mood. I’ve said this before, but we all love Nancy Meyers movie houses because they are layered! It looks like someone lives there and no detail is left untouched. Think bowls of citrus, trays, stacks of books, an array of textiles like a large rug and throw pillows. My favorite thing about our apartment is that things feel collected without being too cluttered. There is a fine line, but having a collected home is what creates that interest.

Music. You all know I love my mood setting tunes. It really does make such a big difference and puts me in a happier frame of mind. When I am styling I like to have certain artists on where I can check out and sometimes mentally transport to another time.

I think we all could use some more mellow songs right now, so I created another one of my Mornings Playlists. You can listen here. I hope it helps get you through this Friday and extended time at home!

  1. Sophie says:

    I love this! The notion of fresh flowers, candles, and good music has me itching to host again. I absolutely love your tablescapes and have actually been looking for a candle holder as simple as the black one in your pictures! Where did you find this one?


  2. Cari says:

    I love your blog and IG so much and it’s bringing so much beauty to the world during these harder times. Also, you’re completely responsible for me renewing my Spotify account 😉 Thanks for all you do! You’re great!

  3. Shona Fellowes says:

    Still in my cosy bed, listening to your playlist with coffee and escaping into Croissant Reading xx

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