Design Crush: HÁM Interiors

You all know by now that my love for British designers runs deep and my latest design crush is Oxfordshire based design firm, HÁM Interiors. From the moment I stumbled onto their site I was in awe of it all – their branding, array of cool projects and the fact that it is a family run design & build firm. You can tell that each family member brings their own speciality to the table with layered, thoughtfully designed spaces that feel incredibly charming and original. They blend English, Belgian and French styles in many of their projects and their use of materiality and architectural details adds so much interest to every space. Their assortment of kitchen and bath designs are all so interesting, using varying color palettes that you don’t often see. As beautiful as each project is, they also feel very lived in by using a ton of antiques, playing with scale and incorporating funky artwork in each room. They also have a beautiful online antiques shop with so many treasures to achieve the look in your home.

This skirted banquette!

The combination of different wood tones and textures is so warm and inviting

My latest obsession is vintage leather club chairs

Another beautiful example of a glass window wall leading into the kitchen

All photos by HÁM Interiors

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  1. Robin Scott says:

    I just love your blog! Always finding little moments of inspiration in things you post.

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